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Bayberry Bear

Stary Night Bear Resin and Engraved Board

Stary Night Bear Resin and Engraved Board

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Introducing the enchanting Starry Night Engraved Bear Board, a celestial homage to the night sky's beauty, crafted with care to elevate your home decor. This eye-catching piece combines the rustic charm of acacia wood with the mystic allure of resin art, making it a unique addition to any space.

Perfect as a decorative accent, this board features swirling resin in deep hues of dark blue and emerald green, speckled with glitter to mimic the awe-inspiring galaxies above. The standout feature—an intricately engraved standing bear—adds a touch of wilderness and whimsy to this already extraordinary piece.

While it's mainly decorative, feel free to use it for presenting dry foods during your special gatherings. However, to preserve its mesmerizing beauty, please refrain from cutting on it and simply clean with a lightly damp cloth. For more detailed care instructions, be sure to visit our FAQ page.

Measuring 21.5" x 8.75" x .75", with the poured resin adding an additional 1/16" of variation, this board is a statement piece that speaks volumes of your sophisticated taste and love for nature's artistry.

Prepare to add a touch of the cosmic wilderness to your home with the Starry Night Engraved Bear Board—where elegance and the ethereal dance in unison.

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